About Magestats

Where does the data come from?

All data comes from Github and is regularly retrieved via its API.
The data is prepared for the statistics on Magestats and stored in JSON format, which can be found on github.com/magestats/statistics.

Which repositories are included and which are not?

Magestats has access to all public repositories of Magento, those are: magento/magento2, magento/devdocs, magento/async-import, magento/axp-connector, magento/magento-cloud, magento/ece-tools, magento-engcom/import-export-improvements, magento-engcom/msi, magento-engcom/php-7.2-support, magento-research/pwa-studio. magento/bulk-api-ce, magento/data-migration-tool, magento/graphql-ce, magento/magento2-functional-testing-framework, magento/magento-module-fuzzer, magento/magento2-jp, magento/magento2-l10n, magento/payment-improvements,

Magestats has no access to private repositories like: magento-partners/magento2b2b, magento-partners/magento2ce, magento-partners/magento2ee, magento/bulk-api-ee.

I found a problem on Magestats, what should I do now?

If you're encountering a problem on Magestats, please go to the issues section on github.com/magestats/issues and check if it is a known issues. If not you can create a new issue here.

I miss a statistic or have a suggestion for Magestats, what should I do now?

If you think there is a statistic missing or you have an idea to improve Magestats go to the issues section on github.com/magestats/ideas and check if anyone else had the same idea as you. If not create a new issue here and describe your idea.

Who's behind Magestats?

Magestats is created by Marcel Hauri, a Magento Community Maintainer and Deputy Team Leader Internet at Stämpfli AG.

How can I support Magestats?

Well, first of all you can spread the word about Magestats, share it on your prefered social media channels, talk about it and so on.
If you want to support Magestats with a donation you can do it with PayPal or on Patreon.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes to maxcluster who supports Magestats with a free hosting.